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As Promised, here are the open sourced documents for a quantum energy generator. This has been made possible by the people and for the people. It is freely given to the world.


An average modern household requires 5-10KW of power  to operate.

A conventional generator needs   15KW to produce 10KW of power.

To produce these 15KW of power we rely on gas, diesel, propane, coal or other products that can be metered creating profits for the oil industry.

130 years ago Nikola Tesla invented and patented an energy generator. This is a resonance machine that only needs 1KW of input power to produce 10KW of output power.  His patents are now in the public domain.

The Fix the World Organization has reproduced Teslas design with a few modern twists to generate the same results.   Our Quantum Energy Generator (QEG) provides 10KW of power…

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The Authentic Self…

snowflake 1Like a snowflake, we are all unique and individual beings, artistically created to be unique and through this be creators ourselves. However, at the same time we are all part of one another like the snowflake made from an evaporated droplet of the ocean, we are an individual soul, with a spirit connected to the universe around us.

It would be clearly appropriate at this point to divulge my authentic interpretation of what ‘authentic-self’ means.

As the title suggests, it is about ‘oneself’ you, me, everyone, each of us an individual, unique creations of a creative world, to express one’s authentic self through life on Earth, by creative means.

Well, that’s quite a mouthful, but effectively we are the creators!

However, it is equally important to know, that as individuals we are also all connected both physically and spiritually to all life, not just on Earth and our Earth Mother herself, but to all life throughout the universe.

This is; as the universe itself is; an expansive subject, which we will explore over the coming weeks, months and years through various articles and projects. Think of this as a spiritual path, covering aspects of the true nature of life and purpose, knowledge and wisdom, creatively walking the path to enlightenment and true understanding, which I hope will assist many of you on your own authentic journeys.

To truly understand what is your authentic-self, we need to understand what isn’t and what we all share together and how we are all connected.  In other words; what is not authentic about us.  These can be divided into two areas; Physical, (tangible/visible) and Spiritual, (non-tangible/invisible).

authentic 16PHYSICAL:

·        We are all made of the same physical material elements, water, carbon, calcium, protein etc., which are all elements associated with our Earth-Mother, (planet) this fact connects all of us together, including the fact that we all live and share our beautiful home; Earth.

·        Our Earth Mother has been created from the elements contained within the Solar system, galaxy and universe itself and so again, we share these life-giving physical elements.

But we are not just physical beings, far, far from it!  We already know from science that we are made up of various elements, and each element is made up of atomic components, or atoms.  When an atom is examined closely, we see that only 0.1% of the atom is visible, even under the most powerful microscopes, which mean that 99.9% is invisible.  So it follows that what we see as physical is only 0.1% of who we are! And that includes the world around us.

So if all we can see is 0.1%, what of the other 99.9%, well we could categorize this as energy or spirit.  Think of all the things we know about that we can’t actually see, try listing them down, and I am sure even if you came up with 50 things, that would be just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

Think of ourselves not as physical beings living a spiritual life, but ‘Spiritual Beings’ living a physical life.  Yes, you got it, 99.9% of you could be described as spiritual!


·        Our spirit or energy is connected to the spirit or energy of our beautiful Earth-Mother

·        In turn we are also connected to each other, the trees, plants, sea, wildlife and all living creatures.  They all form part of us and who we are in unity and harmony.  Energy flows to and from each, interacting in ways we can only imagine, until we tap into and recognize these subtle energies, thoughts, feelings, emotions and love. In turn the Earth and all life on and within her obtain energies from the cosmos, the universe around us, and as you can imagine other forms of life, all connected in a beautiful web of energy transfer, communicating on a waveband so wide, we have yet to fully understand it, or explain it through modern science. It may be deemed by many that any phenomena that can’t be explained through science, is usually known as magick! This does not mean its not real, it just requires you to use your imagination and believe, for those that believe will see magick happen.

authentic 21Albert Einstein apparently said, the most important aspect of humanity is not knowledge or wisdom, but imagination.  We will explore this much deeper in future articles, but it brings to mind something I have always thought; that is ‘anything that can be imagined, can also be real and possible’.

Therefore we are truly only limited to the things we decide and believe we are limited to.  Free your imagination, and we will free ourselves spiritually.

authentic 13If you are finding this hard to fathom, then do not worry, think of this as a journey, an adventure of discovery, and along this magickal path we will evolve together and explore the deepest cave’s, the highest mountains and the outstretched seas of our existence and the magick and wonder of life from all aspects, and along the way we will find ourselves, woken from a sleep, enlightened, re-energized and I hope find, joy, harmony and love.

authentic 2


Now this is the part of you that is truly unique and irreplaceable, the part that truly identifies you from everyone and everything else.  This is the part of you that is only you and can only be experienced by you.  Again, this can be divided into two areas;

1.    The Physical You, your physical body, (or bodies as you (re)incarnate*).

2.    Your Authentic Soul, (think of your soul being your spiritual hard-drive recording all your experiences and encrypted in such a way that only you can understand and access it)

*Whether you believe in re-incarnation or not, although you have probably gathered that ‘I do’ matters not in understanding your authentic-self.  This is the true-you! Like a snowflake, unique and beautiful! 

It is the place where all of your experiences, whether; physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual continually develop and evolve and are recorded and encrypted in such a way that only you can communicate with it, through consciousness, and sub-consciousness.  It is your internal compass, and like ‘Jack Sparrows’ compass – it does not point ‘North’ but points you in the direction of your own true authentic and individual path… “What is it you truly want!”

soul compass 1

The key is to have a clear unfettered access to your soul to be able to help fully guide you on your journey and adventure.

soul compass 2You have probably realized by now, that you have been communicating with your soul all your life, that inner voice, deep down trying to help you make the right decisions in life, but all too often society and environmental circumstances can interfere or even cut off this important communication, and then we are left feeling lost, disorientated and lonely.  Having been a natural observer of things, I can see in so many people today, the sense that they are lost, and in so being continually look for guidance from others, and like a sheep follow the herd or allow themselves to be herded by someone in self-induced authority.

A bizarre example of this was shown on the news recently regarding the flooding in the west-country of the UK; a man with a house under threat of flooding was complaining that no-one and no authority had advised him on what to do to save his home and prevent the water from entering.  This man seemed to be completely disconnected to his own ability to know what to do, expecting someone in authority to think for him and give him guidance. How is it that we allow ourselves to disconnect to our own inner-voice?  This is an area which will require more explanation in another article. Needless to say, the man could have in fact helped himself and as some would say use his common-sense.

There is another aspect of the authentic-self which has a part to play in the creative world in which we all live.  This is one of authentic-perception!

authentic 15Just like our individual experiences are unique, so is our perception of the world around us. How we see it and how and what we view as fact or the truth.  By understanding, appreciating and respecting the fact that anothers perception may be different from ours or yours does not mean that they are wrong or mistaken, it simply means that they have their own unique view on life.  It is this diversity that ensures life continually moves forward, adapting and evolving, for to remove this would stop the evolution process and ultimately our survival.  Whenever, this natural process is challenged or suppressed, it has always ended in stagnation, disease and rot.  It could be argued that anarchy and chaos have their place in this world to challenge suffocating suppression of the individual and diverse perceptions and views of life, acting like release valves for unnatural and unhealthy regimes of society.

Authentic-Self represents the ‘multi-faceted’, ‘multi-dimensional’ aspect of human life and its interaction in the environment and world around us.  Whether it is aspects of our physical-selves, our health, whether physical, psychological, mental, emotional or aspects of our spiritual-self interacting with all life and energy around us.

In this diverse and wide spectrum, this i-magazine will aim to help provide you with a useful guide to using your soul-compass, helping you experience the real you, the truth according to your own perceptions and to help create the tools and skills to help yourselves to navigate your own unique path through life itself. 

Learning to master these tools and the inherent skills within you and discovering and developing your own unique gifts, will open up a brand-new world for you which extends beyond time and space, it only remains for you to ask yourself, do you take the ‘red pill’ or the ‘blue-pill’?  Or; for those that have not watched the ‘matrix’ movie, ask yourself this: ‘do you really want to know?’…..

authentic 18


Managing Expectations for QEG Distribution: Important Information

A superb project which I hope reaches fruition… blessings to the project and world energy evolution…

Hopegirl Blog Archives 2012-2015

manufacturing From myself and my family, we would like to thank you for your support around the development and distribution of the QEG. Over the course of the last few weeks we have received many inquiries and wanted to take this opportunity to answer some questions and manage expectations.

First we would like to highlight that the method in which we have developed and plan to distribute the QEG has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. For this reason it is important to clarify some of the key differences between the QEG and any other product on the market.

A Consumers First Glimpse Behind the Scenes

The average consumer is not exposed to the research and development stages of a new product and only knows about the product when it is on the shelf and ready for purchase. The competitive business environment we have lived in for decades fosters secrecy and requires that…

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Free Energy — Power to the People

Further to the New Earth Project come’s this informative blog on Free Energy, vital for life to thrive from 2014 onwards….. I am looking forward to the energy revolution!….

New Earth Paradigm

Alia’s Comments: I’ve been in an on-going debate with myself (since receiving this information about 10 days ago) as to whether or not I should post it on my blog.

Dr. Keshe, an Iranian physicist, has become a rather controversial figure with some readers, appearing as one whose ideas are grand but where is the action behind them? He proposes to release zero-point energy technologies to the world — first to the world’s scientists and then the governments of the world — freely, with no patents — with the only stipulation being that ALL people benefit from his efforts.

Some people have noticed that since he made his original offers to these groups, that not many of them accepted his offer or began manufacturing free energy devices. Keshe has drawn criticism for not being who he purports to be, or even capable of demonstrating true working models of his theories.

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howlingwolfTruth…  ‘Truth howls from deep within us, deep down in our very core, our soul!’

Do you recognise it?… do you really know it?… can you feel it?

The modern conscious material world whisks you away at such speed, constantly demanding your services, your attention, your time, and bit by bit drawing you away from yourself, your true-self, the truth and your very soul, taken from you, like the toy from a baby.

You are lost and look to follow, to follow someone elses ideals, someone elses idea’s, someone elses vision, greed, ego, control, fear! They are all out there to keep you from your very own soul! and the truth!, they own you now, they have enslaved you, deceived you and will ultimately destroy you.

No more! No more! No more… the shout from inside grows louder, your suspicions aroused, too many coincidences, too many gut feelings that something is wrong.  Your Soul howls out for your love and attention, it howls out to save you from certain destruction.  It howls to bring you home!

Don’t fight the truth, do not fear it, embrace it and it will reveal a new world, a world filled with wonders and magick, a world filled with life, beauty, harmony and joy.

It is there… yes it is, revealed before your very eyes it is there… breath, breath in the light, raising you from the very deep dark hole you placed yourself in.

From a young age, we are given a spade and told to start digging, we dig down not knowing where we are going, meanwhile our imagination takes over and we start to see the world through someone elses eyes, for having dug down so deep, we lose sight of where, who and what we really are.

Imagine now you are at the bottom of that deep dark hole, many miles down deep under the Earth’s surface where it is dark and no light penetrates.  It’s just you and the darkness.  Stop picturing all that you have been led to believe, instead look into yourself your own very core, your very soul.  You will see a light a light in the darkness, a warm pure light welcoming you home.  As this happens you will become aware of yourself ascending back up through the hole as if you are on an elevator, the wind rushing past you as you look up and then open your eyes to the truth.  You have finally arrived!

At first feeling disoriented, you look around… you are truly on the surface, seeing the world as it really is… it can be too much to take in all at once, but looking around you, you feel life, connected to you, just as you re-connected to yourself.  Yes… the truth was inside you all along!


nondual_awakeningHaving finally arrived at your true self and now seeing the world through clear eyes, not only will you see the forces of light, but you will see the forces of darkness too…. a constant struggle between the two…. You will also see that you no longer fear and you accept what is happening, the truth of what is happening, and beginning to know yourself once more knowing your part in this evolution of life.  For life exists due to the opposing forces and the movement of life energy between the two.

This does not mean one should sit back and do nothing, far from it…. For if you are lucky enough to be awakened, you will see many, many ways in which you can become an active force within life itself and as in my earlier posts have described how any one action on your part will affect the mapping out of life within the universe.

The Universe is full of magickal energy coming to you, through you and out of you and as it passes through you, so you can create!  This is such a wonderful experience, and all it takes is for you to open your eyes and know your soul and feel it, recognise it at long last with Love in your heart to guide you on your new magickal path in harmony with nature, the universe and the great spirit for which we are all part.

Normal departureHaving re-discovered yourself, you can then truly begin taking steps forward on your own personal path.

For some the path will clearly lay itself out before them and they will find themselves skipping along it with ease and new energy.

For others, there may be a harder path, with twists and turns and difficulties to overcome, which develop some important skills and knowledge to take forward with them for some special tasks which they find themselves called to do from within.

Whatever, your personal path brings, the journey will be filled will new understanding…

As a child I used to sometimes ask ‘Why?’ to every statement, as if to question everything, to the annoyance of parents and grandparents, who’s often answer was – “just because!”…

It became a bit of fun just to do it… but in truth, we forget to ask why? and start to accept someone elses way of being and someone elses truth.  That’s the time we forget who we really are.

So, why not?… ask the question to all things you think you know!… Why? Why? Why?

Only then will you realise what has clouded your vision, the truth amongst us hidden away by deceptions, fear and control.

It is not for anyone, not me, not relatives, not friends, bosses or governments to tell you what you should think or do, but for you to do what you know is right, where Love is our guide and if we harm none, we should do as we will.

We must be careful however, not to absorb too much of the negative forces that exist in the world today, which unfortunately seem to be controlling much of the human population of Earth, and affecting all life in a most destructive way.  You may come to recognise that the constant movement between opposite forces is reaching a negative extreme, and still the negative force pushes harder to more and more extremes, extracting the very blood of life from the land, and its wonderful creatures, for the sake of ego, greed and material wealth for the few.

But as so many have become aware… the awakening and a turn in the tide has come, both Universally and here on our beautiful Mother-Earth.  We must all play our part in putting the brakes on the destruction of our home and our very spirit, and turn the ship round and bring her back to living in harmony and with nature and promotion of life and preservation of our wonderful, special home, for if we can be trusted to look after natures magickal beauty, perhaps then we will be free to discover the beauty of the universe and the many wonders yet to be discovered?

Let this moment be the change we all know to be true, let us recognise the truth in ourselves and the freedom of others own truths.  It is for each of us to know ourselves, and if we are truly blessed we will come to know we are not alone, and find what is often known as a ‘soul mate’  a pure connection that words cannot describe, and that cannot be understood until experienced.

Seek the truth, look deep into yourself… discover and the magick will be revealed…  Blessings, Love and Light …